Shuffoe is the simplest Cloud CRM

No need additional equipment, as long as a mobile phone with internet access, you can quickly create a cloud membership card, digital coupons. Shuffoe is the easiest way to integrate online and offline members, helping small and medium businesses toward new retail.

Cloud membership card
  • Do not need to design, print, 10 minutes to establish business membership card
  • A variety of QR Code promotional materials, merchants can download for free
  • Customers scan the QR Code or enter the customer's mobile phone to issue a card
  • Online backstage let merchants manage at any time, download membership information
Digital Coupon
  • Dozens of templates to help merchants build beautiful flyers and coupons
  • Three-step to build marketing campaign, instant push to merchant members
  • Clerks can easily check coupons via the mobile phone
  • Online campaign report allow managers to immediately master the marketing effectiveness
Automated marketing

Give Join goodies to new members, or give Birthday Gifts to members of this month's birthday, the marketing tactis you all know, but no time to deal with!

Let Shuffoe help you to do it all!You only need to concentrate on business, increase membership.

Shuffoe is your easiest way to capture customer information.
5 steps to retent your customers
Shuffoe Starter Kit

We mail you a Shuffoe Starter Kit that includes hundreds of VIP cards for you to hand out. The cards have a unique QR code generated just for your store. You can print more anytime.

Let customers be your VIP

Give a VIP card to the customers when they visit your store. Your customers save your VIP card to their phone by scanning the QR code on the card.

Database of your members’ accounts

When your customers save your VIP card to their phone, with their permission, their name, phone number, and preferences are captured and saved to your Shuffoe account.

Convenient data system

While most social platforms will never give you your member data, Shuffoe truly stands out by letting you own the data. Every three months you get an updated database of your customer list.

Customer retention

Furthermore, you can use Shuffoe to tell your customers all about the great reasons to visit your establishment again. With just a few taps you can send a "Come Again" coupon directly to their phones. The moment your new products arrive, let them know immediately. When your grand sale is on, be sure they all come. And when new competition opens nearby, nudge them your way with a promotion.

Join Shuffoe now, and enjoy these special package:
  • Free merchant dashboard and console
  • Free membership card for your store
  • Free 10+ different POSM sample to download
  • Earn member informations in ease